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AMC TECH is an expert in design and implementation of modern, high-quality consumer and industrial products. We support our clients in development of software, electronics, and mechanics. For over 20 years our control, monitoring, and diagnostics systems have been used all over the world in all key industries.

We are a team of specialists in difficult tasks who are constantly looking for new challenges. We have many years of experience in implementing IT systems. Not only follow the latest trends but also set directions for development of enterprises. Grid, Cloud, Big data, Industry 4.0, IoT is our everyday life. We can support you at every stage of the product development process from preparation of specification to production and commissioning.

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AMC TECH offers:

  • Product engineering: design, implementation, prototyping, production, commissioning, maintenance and support.
  • Systems integration: data, processing, interface layers.
  • Specialists outsourcing and team leasing: software, electronic and mechanical engineers.

Photo of the building – Kamil Kurowski, vision360.pl.

We offer our products worldwide:

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Our advantages

Competencies and broad experience

Competencies and broad experience

For the last 20 years, we have provided services to over 300 customers and designed over 150 products.

Close cooperation with universities

Close cooperation with universities

We have access to academic know-how and laboratories. We are capable to conduct complex and innovative research, tests and simulations.

High quality of products and services

High quality of products and services

Since the very beginning of the company’s existence, we have implemented and have been constantly improving a quality management system (ISO 9001:2008).

Manufacturing line for electronics assembly

Manufacturing line for electronics assembly

We own an automatic production line for specialized contract manufacturing and testing of electronics and mechanics.



Digital Dermatoscope for Healthcare Company / 2018

AMC TECH developed a digital dermatoscope compatible with several mobile devices. The platform can capture medical-grade high-quality skin images to easily detect skin lesions.

“The services met the expectations of the internal team. AMC TECH is competent, hardworking, and communicative. They are able to deliver within the client’s provided timeline. They go above and beyond their duty to make the engagement even better.”


Web Development for Rehabilitation Solutions Provider / 2017

A rehabilitation solutions provider hired AMC TECH to connect the product portfolio and develop a user portal, an export tool for Microsoft Team Foundation Server, as well as a web app to store several modules.

“The project was launched successfully, and the company is looking to add even more features to it in the coming months. The entire AMC team took responsibility for the project and they were punctual in submitting their deliverables.


Hardware & Software Support for Roof Accessory Manufacturer / 2018

AMC TECH was brought in by a roof accessories manufacturer to provide hardware and software support for a smart ventilation system. This included designing the sensor electronics and central unit.

“Internal stakeholders were happy with the end result of the project, allowing the company to expand its portfolio. The team always kept up to date with their responsibilities and met all the deadlines.”

Analog Devices

Vibration Monitoring System Development for Engineering Firm / 2019

An industrial automation firm hired AMC TECH to design a vibration monitoring system based on its MEMS vibration sensors and signal condition products. It allows the detection of failures of rotating machines.

“Although still in development, the prototyped delivered is a step in the right direction and allowed for pilot testing to begin. They met all expectations and the quality of work was high. The workflow between teams exceeded all expectations as well.”

Solaris Bus & Coach

IoT Development for Bus Manufacturer / 2010

AMC TECH developed custom IoT software for a bus and trolleybus manufacturers. The team built a fleet management system, which included a communications module and a monitoring and diagnostics application.

“The solution was launched successfully, significantly reducing repair costs and increasing maintenance quality. AMC TECH produces high-quality results through a collaborative and transparent workflow. The team is hard-working, communicative, and skilled.”

Safety company

IoT Dev for Workplace Safety Company / 2018

AMC TECH offers design and development services to create an emergency response system for companies. This has involved mechanical and industrial design, along with hardware and software development.

“The team successfully delivered a functional prototype and then a market-ready product within nine months. End users and clients have responded exceptionally well to the solution. AMC TECH maintains an effective communication style marked by its smooth responses to issues.”


Weather simulation controller for terrarium

Design and development of terrarium controller that recreates in real-time the atmospheric conditions occurring anywhere in the world. The control module connects to the selected weather station (e.g. Madagascar), collects information on the current microclimate, and then replicates the same parameters in the terrarium.

“The team’s talent and prowess allowed them to develop a working prototype. External stakeholders were able to successfully test the controller and praised it for its capabilities. The team displayed flexibility and responsiveness when it came to progress updates and client feedback.”


Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Programming for Maritime Vessel

A maritime vessel manufacturer hired AMC TECH for software development of a Power Module for one of their vessels. The goal was to complete the development of the Unmanned Underwater Vehicle prototype.

“The AMC TECH was able to successfully complete the project a full two weeks before the deadline. The prototype is fully operational and ready to deploy. The company was impressed that even when the scope of the project expanded, the team was still able to complete everything on time.”

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