Electronics engineering

We design analog and digital electronic circuits (including PCBs) using microcontrollers, FPGA devices, wired and wireless communication. We create electronics that meet industry standards, including environmental (RoHS), for potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX), safety standards (SIL) and others. We have our own electronics production line.

Are you interested in a ready-made product? See our offer in the field of software and mechanical design. IOT, Cloud, Big data, Industry 4.0 is our everyday life. We can support you at every stage of the product development process from the specification preparation, to the production and commissioning.

We offer

  • IoT device controller with a wireless interface.
  • Measuring system for monitoring operation of devices.
  • Protection system with fault prediction for production line.
  • Battery-powered energy-saving system for data acquisition.
  • Smart home module for home components automation.
  • Wireless device designed to work in the ATEX zone.
  • Control system with SIL (Safety Integrity Level) certification.

Are you looking for something else? We are ready to transform your vision into a full-value product.

We can be your number one technological partner.

Electronic device

Product definition

We are trained to dive deep to identify technical bottlenecks as well as areas for innovation in your new or existing solution.

Product design

We are able to convert your business goals into effective products in order to bring you real business value.

Product development

Our skilled software, electronic and mechanical engineers are waiting for new challenges.


We are capable to integrate your solution with third party systems with usage of standard and dedicated protocols.

Quality Assurance

Our highly trained engineers can take responsibility for verification of your deliveries.

Maintenance and support

If needed our support team is available 24 hours, 7 days per week.

We can support you at any stage of the product development process!

Are you looking for a partner?

Excellent choice!

AMC TECH means experience, quality, and your safety.

Why us?

Proven quality

As an organization, we pay great attention to continuous improvement of quality. For 25 years, we have drawn conclusions from both mistakes and successes.

Industry oriented

The products we design meet the strictest industry standards and are adapted to work in a wide range of conditions: dirt, moisture, salt water, low/high temperature, potentially explosive atmospheres, safety in transport.

Vast experience

Over 20 years on the market, 50 products launched for sale, 200 projects completed, 300 clients from around the world.

Market knowledge

Knowledge of industries such as production, medicine, transport, energy, railways, and motorization allows us to design products better and faster.

Own production line

We have our own production line. We perform contractual assembly of electronics and mechanics for the needs of prototyping and the first production series.

Professional test lab

We have a qualified team of testers and specialized laboratories: climatic chamber, EMC tester, CNC machine, 3D printer and many more.

One partner, all competencies!

We have software, electronic, automation and mechanical engineers on board. We possess laboratories and a electronic production line.

Our advantages

years of experience
projects completed

They trusted us

Still not convinced?

Check our references!

Check our references!

Write to us, we will provide you with direct contacts to our current customers.
Verify our experience!

Verify our experience!

Visit us, we will show you what we have done during last 20 years that is similar to your needs.
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Test our skills for free!

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