Digital dermatoscope compatible with mobile devices

SKLIP | dermatoscopy | 2018


Scope of the project

AMC TECH developed a digital dermatoscope compatible with several mobile devices. The platform can capture medical-grade high-quality skin images to easily detect skin lesions.

About the client

Sklip LLC. provides telemedicine and E-health consulting services for the dermatology speciality, specific to skin cancer diagnosis.

Business challenge

The goal was to create a universal smartphone dermatoscope that is compatible with 99% of the smartphone market, no adapter required.


AMC TECH designed and developed smartphone dermatoscope that is compatible with various mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The overlay consists of advanced optics that allow for the enlargement of the image several times and a built-in LED that illuminates the skin with polarized lighting.

Client’s reviews & feedback

“The team was impressive. They really cared about the success of our product. I also really appreciate the help after finishing the project. They helped me find and choose a subcontractor in the field of manufacturing injection molds. In my opinion, everything was perfect. There’s nothing to improve.”

Alexander Witkowski, CEO & Founder, Sklip, Inc.