IoT device for sleep apnea monitoring and diagnosis

Infoscan S.A. | medical device | 2020


Scope of the project

Infoscan – a medical device manufacturing company hired AMC TECH in order to refresh their current solution for monitoring sleep apnea.

About the client

Infoscan manufactures medical measuring and control equipment for patients suffering from Breathing Disorders During Sleep.

Business challenge

The client felt the need to refresh its current solution for monitoring sleep apnea during sleep and add new features such as blood saturation, and ECG/EEG/EMG module.


AMC TECH developed a new generation of our medical device, which records various types of biological signals and sends them via the GSM to a telemedical server. The device enables in particular:

  • Recording of signals such as the detection of breathing disorders during sleep;
  • All-day Holter ECG recordings;
  • Hybrid breathing disorders and ECG recording.

The entire design process has complied with medical standards ISO13485.

Client’s reviews and feedback

“AMC TECH was able to successfully complete the stages on time and without any quality issues. So far we had very good success with them in terms of understanding the requirements and keeping the timeline.”

Piotr Różalski | Head of Hardware Department, Infoscan S.A.