IoT device for workplace safety company

Workplace Safety Company | 2018-present


The scope of the project

AMC TECH delivered an emergency response system that is used in workplaces. The project involved mechanical and industrial design, along with hardware and software development.

About the client

The client is a Swiss designer and manufacturer of innovative first-aid equipment.

Business challenge

The purpose of building the device was to provide emergency systems for companies. The smart first aid point allows immediate assistance to people in case of accidents in the workplace. The device assists you in making the right decisions before the paramedics arrive, greatly improving the chances of recovery and survival. The device will inform you about the best possible steps to take in a variety of emergencies. The kit provides first aid support in case of light and serious injuries. The built-in touchscreen display is used to access instructions on how to perform different procedures. If additional assistance is required beyond the built-in instructions, the smart first aid kit can video-connect with on-call health experts to provide personalized assistance in more complicated situations.


Within the project, AMC TECH performs the following works:

  • Phase 1: Design of mechanical part of the device: housing development, industrial design.
  • Phase 2: Hardware development – development of external circuit board to control special components like lights, backlights, lock of the drawers and power supply.
  • Phase 3: Software development, which enables connecting you more quickly to the rescue centre.
  • Phase 4: Assembly services of the final device.

Client’s reviews & feedback

“After 6 months of development, AMC TECH delivered to my headquarters the first protoype of the device. I was positively surprised about AMC TECH’s work. The prototype was really functional and meet all requirements, which were established during the specification of the product. Of course, there were some missing but it was just a prototype to prove a concept. In the next 3 months, AMC TECH delivered us a market-ready product, which I could test with end users and clients and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback.”

CEO, Workplace Safety Company