AMC TECH implements

innovations in power sector

AMC TECH together with PGE Górnictwo i Energetyka Konwencjonalna SA and RIOT Technologies implement RIKE project, the aim of which is development of a robot for inspection of pulverized coal-fired boiler. The purpose of the solution is to automate assessment of technical condition and diagnostics of boiler interior by using a robot armed with non-destructive testing equipment. The system can be complemented by software for prediction of technical condition.

The process of assessment of the technical condition of power boilers is a long and expensive procedure. Currently, tests are carried out only by people, therefore, before proceeding to the measurements it is necessary to cool the boiler to a temperature tolerated by man, and then build a scaffolding. In addition, only selected points are evaluated for technical condition, which may not be sufficient to detect all erosion processes and leaks. Inspection robot will reduce inspection costs and reduce the number of failures critical for a power plant operation.

The advantages of inspection robot are:

  • short inspection time (it drives autonomously along boiler pipes),
  • low cost of diagnostics (automation),
  • work at high temperature,
  • high functional safety,
  • constant knowledge of the technical condition of the boiler (automatic generation of reports with graphical representation of components),
  • prediction of technical condition and damage development.

The solution is directed primarily to power plants and service companies involved with boiler modernizations.