AMC TECH with solutions

for the Polish electromobility sector

For one of our clients, Green WallboxAMC TECH developed a smart charging system for EVs, combining the technology with a cutting-edge design.

The product, which had its official premiere at the end of June, is now available to buy!

Within the cooperation, AMC TECH designed and delivered the electronic part of the system with a sleek and eco-friendly casing. The dedicated, easy-to-navigate mobile app allows smart charging and protects the local grid from overloading. Moreover, thanks to the cloud system, charger operators can fully access and manage their devices distributed in many locations.

The charger is suitable for every electric and hybrid vehicle with a Type 2 plug. Due to the waterproof and temperature-resistant casing, the device can be mounted inside and outside the building.

Please take a look at the pictures from the product’s premiere.

Photos credit ©Green Wallbox

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