Easier learning and memorizing

thanks to the design of AMC TECH engineers

Last year, our company teamed up with the producer of the iconic glasses to evolve their product – SITA Calm, which is now available to buy.

Within the cooperation, AMC TECH invented a cutting-edge design and took care of the electronic part of the product. The Bluetooth module installed in the device allows for connecting them with the dedicated app for learning and relaxation. The final product has a modern design with a soft-touch finish for the best user experience.

The device allows you to relax deeply by concentrating on breathing and isolating yourself from external stimuli. Therefore, the body can achieve its optimal, natural rhythm (biofeedback) and go into profound relaxation. Reaching this state can improve your learning and memorizing skills using the SITA methodology (up to 5 times compared with the traditional technics). Moreover, regularly used, the device can help reduce stress by improving your heart’s work and HRV rate.

Photo credit SITA