Leak detection and fuel measurement module

for tanks from AMC TECH engineers

AMC TECH is currently implementing a project for Petroster, a company from the petroleum industry. The scope of the project is development of leak detection and fuel measurement system with warning function in case of leakage hazard. This kind of modules are used by fuel suppliers everywhere where fuel tanks are located. However that’s not all, the designed system will alert among other case of:

  • Theft fuel (e.g. fuel pumping during delivery)
  • Too high or too low liquid temperatures
  • Too high water level in the fuel tank

All above mentioned functions will be available thanks to at least 16 different types of probes including magnetostrictive, flexible, pressure and hydrostatic. The central unit will include intrinsically safe barrier and with be controlled by dedicated mobile application.

The prototype of the module had its premiere at the XXV International Fair PETROL STATION, where it received a distinction in the Product of the Year 2018 category.