Time management system for hospital rehabilitation equipment

MOTEK MEDICAL & HOCOMA | rehabilitation | 2019


Scope of the project

A rehabilitation solutions provider hired AMC TECH to undertake the HocoNet project, which aims to connect the product portfolio and develop a user portal, an export tool for Microsoft Team Foundation Server, as well as a web app to store several modules.

About the client

Motek Medical and Hocoma are both parts of DIH International, a group of companies that brings together the best brands in advanced rehabilitation solutions for clinical, hospital and research markets.

Business challenge

One of the goals of the HocoNet Software platform was to connect product portfolio and to develop a user portal (web application) to manage and keep track of patient, treatment, and device data.

AMC TECH was hired to develop the web application for HocoNet, which consists of several modules (e.g. patient/device management and Treatment Planning). As a separate task, AMC TECH also helped to create an export tool for Microsoft Team Foundation Server.


During our collaboration, AMC TECH completed many sprints in the development of the HocoNet web applications.

The main responsibilities for our company were:

  • requirement analysis
  • technical review/detailing of the UX designs and requirements
  • implementation of the functionalities using the Angular framework including HTML, CSS and TypeScript
  • End-to-end testing of the software platform
  • Documentation (Specifications, Architecture documentation and test reports)

Client’s reviews & feedback

“The project was launched successfully, and the Hocoma company is looking to add even more features to it in the coming months. The entire AMC TECH team took responsibility for the project and they were punctual in submitting their deliverables.”

Technical Project Lead, Hocoma AG